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SHNA Board of Directors


Jim Pesicka President (719) 331-8121
Dan Beilfuss Vice President (719) 235-3818
 Mel Pesicka Hostess  719-244-4502
 John Willcox Park Liaison  314-910.0448




Board Members must be willing to accept the responsibility and honor of being on the Stratmoor Hills Neighborhood Association Board of Directors.  They must be eager to cooperate in making the Association one of the best, most productive and harmonious  since its inception in 1967. 


The President selects other persons to serve on the Board of Directors with the elected officers.  There is no limit on the number of persons who may be selected.  Persons selected by the President may be asked to serve in more than one position or asked to manage other tasks, such as the Clean Up Day.  The President strives to seat talented neighbors who can enhance the operation of our organization. 

The President presides over monthly BoD meetings and general meetings of the membership held in September, November, February, March and April.  There are no member meetings in January or July.  He/she also attends and supervises the Supreme Spaghetti Supper in October, the Christmas Potluck in December and the August Picnic in the Park.

The President works closely with and keeps informed the Vice President who is responsible to take over management of the SHNA in the President’s absence. 

The President is the moderator of and advisor to the BoD.  He/she prepares an agenda for each meeting, takes a vote on subjects brought to the Board and arranges for speakers for general meetings.  The President makes sure that all questions are presented to the BOD and does not give the “go ahead” or “no go” on his/her own.  The President assures that each Board member is doing his/her job in a satisfactory manner.  If a BoD member does not perform his/her assigned tasks, the President brings the problem to the BoD for resolution.

The President is empowered to schedule emergency meetings of the BOD when quick action is required. 


The Vice President works closely with the President and stays informed as he/she is responsible for all the functions of the President in the President’s absence.  Please refer to the President’s job description.


Attends all BoD meetings and all general meetings of the SHNA.  In an absence, arranges for a substitute. 

Takes thorough minutes at the BoD meetings.  Minutes of BoD meetings are prepared ASAP after the BoD meetings and sent via email to BoD members for their review and action prior to the next BoD meeting.  It is important to include who is assigned tasks, questions raised, votes taken and decisions made. 

Takes brief minutes at the general meetings which will include date, time, place, name and topic of speaker, head count.  No other information is required of general memebrship meetings unless something very important occurs. 

The Secretary sends thank you notes to speakers on Stratmoor stationery and prepares other correspondence as requested by the President, such as written invitations to events to VIPs.

A complete set of agendas and minutes are kept by the Secretary for reference.


Major duty is to collect money donated to or earned by the SHNA and pay all legitimate expenses of the SHNA, keeping a file of receipts.

Keeps an accounting of all transactions and presents a printed report to each meeting of the BoD.  This will include expenses by category, income by category, petty cash and the total value of all accounts.  The value of all accounts one year previously is also included.  A copy of the report is distributed to all BoD members.

Reimburses those who have spent money on behalf of the SHNA. 

Receives and balances monthly statements from bank.

Fills out a card to be a signer on the SHNA’s accounts.

Reports problems and questions to the BoD.

When absence is anticipated, the Treasurer turns the check book over to the President.

Participates in other tasks as requested.