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NEEDED - SHNA BOARD of Directors - Treasurer - no volunteer yet


These SHNA Board of Directors (BOD) Positions are still vacant this Fall.



If you are interested or have questions, please, contact:

Dan Beilfus     SHNA President     719-649-9165


Here are the current responsibilities of that position. 


Board Members must be willing to accept the responsibility and honor of being on the Stratmoor Hills Neighborhood Association Board of Directors.  They must be eager to cooperate in making the Association one of the best, most productive and harmonious  since its inception in 1967. 


Major duty is to collect money donated to or earned by the SHNA and pay all legitimate expenses of the SHNA,  keeping a file of receipts.

Keeps an accounting of all transactions and presents a printed report to each meeting of the BOD.  This will include expenses by category, income by category, petty cash and the total value of all accounts.  The value of all accounts one year previously is also included.  A copy of the report is distributed to all BOD members.

Reimburses those who have spent money on behalf of the SHNA. 

Receives and balances monthly statements from bank.

Fills out a card to be a signer on the SHNA’s accounts.

Reports problems and questions to the Board.

When absence is anticipated, the Treasurer turns the check book over to the President.

Participates in other tasks as requested.

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